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Value for Good is a purpose-driven consultancy specialized in the field of social impact that envisions a world that takes effective action to solve societal challenges. We advise, empower, and aim to inspire organisations through actionable insights.





Sustainability Consulting

“lead with sustainability”

We advise businesses on how to make sustainability activities strategically pay into core business priorities and contribute to competitive advantage. We


  • Develop and optimise corporate sustainability strategies that are integrated with the business
  • Design differentiating sustainability activities and calculate their business case
  • Map key societal issues related to the business and develop stakeholder engagement strategies
  • Manage the process of defining sustainability goals and setting up reporting mechanisms
  • Set up efficient measurement systems to track the positive societal impact of sustainability activities


Partnership Advisory Services

“collaborate for impact”

We provide strategic advice to partnerships among private, public and social sector organisations to help them efficiently maximise impact. We


  • Define strategic areas for collaboration across sectors
  • Scope and identify the right partners to ensure an effective and successful collaboration
  • Advise on the governance of partnerships, provide set-up support and ongoing facilitation services
  • Manage the definition of concrete partnership goals and develop core programmes
  • Implement measurement tools to assess the performance and social impact of partnerships


Social Impact Consulting

“(im)prove your value for money”

We provide management consulting services to international organisations, the public sector and foundations to help (im)prove value for money. We


  • Manage strategic review processes, develop and assess options for improvement
  • Analyse internal management processes and quantify potential cost savings through change
  • Refine an organisation’s theory of change and strategically assess its portfolio of activities against it
  • Advise on simple and effective ways to manage data on inputs, activities, outputs and outcomes
  • Conduct in-depth quantitative analyses on costs versus benefits, including NPV and SROI analyses


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  • 1. Sustainability Consulting
  • 2. Partnership Advisory Services
  • 3. Social Impact Consulting


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