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1. Sustainability Consulting, 3. Social Impact Consulting

impact measurement, KPIs, Multinational, Strategy Development, theory of change

Strategy re-design for the non-profit of a multinational company


Non-profit organisation affiliated to DAX company



Our client sought to define a clear strategic focus and theory of change for its activities and to ensure impact measurement.



Mapped topics of interest for the future direction of the organisation

Conducted a series of strategy workshops with leadership to specify organisation’s role, its type of impact, the focus topics, its target audience and activity types per topic

Developed a framework and a consistent narrative to describe the theory of change of the organisation

Defined the impact value chain and sample indicators to measure the impact per focus area

Prepared key strategy documents to help the CEO communicate the new strategy to the organisation’s board of directors



The client will be able to more strategically choose the activities it supports, as well as communicate about these activities more clearly. Additionally, the client organisation has a clearer understanding of its theory of change and is equipped with sample indicators it can use going forward to measure impact.