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3. Social Impact Consulting

Africa, Guideline, Process mapping, Process optimisation, RACI, reporting, Standard Operating Procedures, UN Organisation

Mapping of Standard Operating Procedures for Zimbabwean Country Office of UN Organisation

Client: UN Organisation


We supported the Zimbabwean Country Office of an UN Organisation that faced the challenge of redefining its standard operating procedures after the implementation of a global change initiative. We helped to define and document roles and responsibilities and mapped key processes under the new strategic focus.


Within a three-week period on-site in Zimbabwe, we conducted workshops and one-on-one sessions with relevant Country Office team members to develop the content and gain insights on the changed processes. For all processes, individual process maps were created to visually illustrate the key functions involved, as well as the sequencing and dependencies of the respective process steps in detail. In addition to the process maps, a Responsibility Assignment Matrix (also known as RACI matrix) was generated to clarify who is responsible as well as which persons should be held accountable, consulted and informed for each individual process step. After the content was developed, a report was detailed to document the newly defined standard operating procedures.


Thanks to this work, our client was able to increase clarity about its processes within the organisation and will be able to use the report to provide orientation and guidance for all current and future employees. The documentation also serves as an example for other country offices implementing similar processes.