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3. Social Impact Consulting

Financial impact, impact measurement, KPIs, supply chain

Impact measurement and monetisation of benefits for new IT-solution

Client: UN Organisation

Value for Good conducted an impact measurement study and monetised the benefits for a new SAP based IT-solution in the supply chain of an UN Organisation.

We conducted a survey, deep dive interviews and facilitated a lessons learned workshop with 60+ international participants to identify the key impact areas of the new IT-solution. Based on the identified impact areas, we developed an impact framework and KPIs with the respective guidelines and methodologies for the data collection to measure the impact. We collected baseline and current data for selected KPIs to measure the financial savings and to develop a ten-year projection for the savings.

We enabled our client to demonstrate financial savings already made and to project future savings up to $185 million by developing an impact framework and KPIs to collect all relevant data.