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environment, Impact Investing, impact measurement, KPIs, SROI, Textile industry

Development of Impact Framework for Innovation Hub in the Apparel Industry

Client: International Corporate Foundation


Value for Good provided strategic advice and developed the impact framework for an accelerator for sustainable technology start-ups in the apparel industry that was set up by an international corporate foundation in the apparel industry.  Through a workshop, we developed a theory of change and environmental impact indicators that are convertible into Euro values, so that the accelerator can demonstrate the SROI of each participant in the accelerator program and attract impact investors.  For this purpose, we defined precise indicators related to water, CO2, waste and chemicals as well as prepared the formulas for each.

The accelerator successfully launched a few months later and first sustainable technology start-ups are being supported with its services to help them scale their solutions to the apparel industry – and their positive environmental impact.