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1. Sustainability Consulting

education, sphere of influence, strategy, women’s empowerment

Developing a Strategic Approach to Girls & Women

Client: Leading, international education company

Value for Good supported a leading, international education company in developing a strategic approach to Girls & Women (G&W).

Over a six-month period we assessed the company’s business activities along the value chain as they relate to G&W using a ‘maturity assessment’ tool, collected information on good corporate practice by competitors and global leaders in G&W as well as identified the barriers to G&W education and employability around the world. Via a cross-departmental effort we developed a menu of ‘actionable opportunities’ in the workplace, supply chain, marketplace, social investments and in public policy engagement. We further developed related communications messages and an implementation roadmap.

By adopting a strategic approach to G&W our client will be able to strengthen its reputation, create new business opportunities and increase its positive impact on society.