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3. Social Impact Consulting

disabilities, mobility, non-profit, social enterprise, strategy

Developing consulting service offerings for a social enterprise

Client:, Sozialhelden e.V., Sozialhelden UG


Over the course of two months we worked with the Sozialhelden UG – a social enterprise that has created an online map ( to help people search for, find and mark wheelchair-accessible places worldwide.

We helped the Sozialhelden utilise their existing knowledge around the topics of mobility and disability to develop their own consulting business. This included how the business would be thematically structured, communicated externally and how pricing could be determined. Additionally, we helped identify potential clients and helped develop a “pitch” presentation for services.

The Sozialhelden have since been able to approach many companies with their consulting services, generating a more diversified source of income to support not-for-profit work.